Salvation of a Saint

Salvation of a Saint
Higashino Keigo
Alexander O. Smith (Translator)

Pretty good mystery.

Easy smooth reading with interesting characters and plot (As Higashino can seemingly always be counted on to produce).

However, I rated this one a bit lower than some of Higashino's others since the killer is sort of obvious from the beginning, and a decoy would have added a bit to an overall mystery, I thought. On top of that, the ending is just a little far-fetched, and as happens too often in the mysteries I read, the evidence in a court would appear really difficult to explain and pin-down for sure, and in reality the killer has about a 50/50 chance of walking away free. It's all circumstantial (I could have been a lawyer!).

I always like a bit more of a "we got you, and nobody can deny it" sort of rap up.

(Even A. Christie allowed herself to get away these endings from time to time, but I think one more rewrite and a little twist and these wonderful writers could get even stronger at times)

As noted, I've already ordered Higashino's new translated book, due out in March (Ed. now 11/20 2018 release date), and look forward to the few more that I haven't read... and then... do I pledge to put the effort into reading the others in the original Japanese... maybe... maybe yes... I should give it a try to add to my strengths... just need that Kanji reading steroid... you have some??

Recommended, but not quite as good as many of the other Higashino works available.

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